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CentauR Software is optimized for WHEAT, CORN, RICE and MORE.


How it works



Choose to monitor a silo, container, warehouse or custom stack and determine its construction including dimensions, materials and geolocation. Manage your storage facilities and climate conditions on the platform.

Stored Product

Choose your crop and tell us about the volume or mass. Centaur's unique data analytics will determine its safe storage outlook based on weather conditions and cognitive models. The current release is ideal for cereals, flour and tobacco.


Create Quality Control plans and launch them as 24/7 monitoring sequences. Notifications and custom recipes will help you predict spoilage and infestation events, and take early action to prevent them from happening.


Cognitive Pest

Use Centaur's leading Cognitive Insect Mortality (CIM) models to prescribe ideal dosage and duration for storage pest eradication. Monitor pest treatments and determine optimal durations. Receive notifications when corrective action becomes necessary.


Powerful analytics for safer solutions


Monitoring and analyzing crop data is a start. The real power lies in using it. Our software will suggest effective treatments to imminent and current crop threats using our robust Cognitive Pest Management tools including:

  • Dosing and duration of treatment protocol
  • Innovative fumigation (e.g. phosphine) treatment, Heat Treatment (HT), and Controlled-Atmosphere Treatment (CAT)
  • Customizable monitoring like alarms and notifications that you create, such as temperature differentials, fumigant concentration levels, and CO2 emissions


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